Feb 2018 -The Suitcases by Anne Hall Whitt

Photo Feb 22, 6 40 01 PMA wonderful evening indeed girls!  For those who could not attend you were missed! Thank you SO MUCH Amy for hosting this eclectic group of ladies! I’m COMPLETELY smitten with Finn the wonder-pug-piggie-!  Your home is lovely!

Let me fill you in on how the book came to our attention.  Jenny’s Auntie retrieved it in her Little Free Library that sits in front of her home.  She gave it to Jenny to read and Jen said we must read this for book club!  And so it began.

True life account of Anne Hall Whitt and her two sisters during the Great Depression being moved through orphanages and foster care system after her mother passes away.  Many questions indeed being that other family members could have taken in the three siblings.  An easy read although the story is not easy to handle.  Major pulls to heart strings fyi.   Anne’s path is changed when directed to Crossnore School which is still in existence today.   A boarding school set in the lovely Winston Salem NC.    *Plot twist here!  Dr & Dr Sloop who began Crossnore —  I have a friend who I met whose name is Julie Sloop (Rhodenizer now) —  Sloop is such an unusual name! I PM’d her on FB and asked if any relation and holy mackerel it’s her great uncle Dr Sloop who indeed started Crossnore!  What a small world we live in!  FYI – Julie is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met – both inside and out.  An enchanting human being!

In talking about The Suicases — Georgia Baptist Children’s home and The Childrens Village at Christian city came to mind.  Georgia Baptist begin in the late l800’s moved from Hapeville and now sits in Palmetto Ga near Serenbe.   We all have known siblings who lived at Georgia Baptist when their parents died.   What a great testimony to both organizations – to care and love children when in strife.   THEN came the idea someone remembers hearing from Atlanta’s very own Clark Howard (we all adore Clark!) about providing suitcases with blankets and things a child would need toiletries toys etc to give to foster care for these children in need.  I’m on it!!!  Great idea girls!!

For author bio click HERE – Anne Hall Whitt 

I look forward to next month’s selection The Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly.  Thanks for offering to host our newest member Angela!  Will get date to you soon!

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Jan 2018 – The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See

Photo Jan 23, 7 01 28 PMWe all love meeting in Julie’s home – it’s an I Spy sort of evening.  I’ve sat there many a time as something catches my eye that I must go investigate!  Her cottage is adorable — as is Julie!  Thank you Julie for hosting – it was a great evening of conversation, sharing and discussion.   It’s actually a meeting just as this that makes me realize how very important book club is to me.  We gathered, we discussed a book that most of us liked (except a few who found it a bit predictable and contrived) and splintered off into other subjects personal to us.  And THAT my friends and readers…. is WHAT book club is ALL ABOUT!  It’s gathering.  We made the effort to attend, read the book and VOILA!  Gave birth to newfound discovery of who we are and learned more of each other.   DARE to BARE your soul at book club.  That sounds pretty darn good to me.  Thanks to everyone who shared and bared that night.  It’s endearing to each of us – I think.  :::smiling:::::

The question was asked if we personally knew anyone who has adopted a Chinese baby – which most of us know Steph’s adorable Charlie – and his little friend Penelope – both precious children who are fiercely loved in the US adopted from China.  Knowing just a bit of their backgrounds and the little history they know – cements for us the love Li-yan of her baby girl in The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane.

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane: A Novel Hardcover – March 21, 2017. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. A thrilling new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa See explores the lives of a Chinese mother and her daughter who has been adopted by an American couple.

For author bio on Lisa See click HERE   


Lisa See is also the author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – which is a favorite of many.   She was born in Paris but grew up in LA.  The author of many novels.

For book club discussion questions click HERE 

Thank you Sylvia & Julie for buying tea cakes for the group.  Sylvia’s was quite large and Julie’s were dainty little mounds wrapped in pairs.  Syliva — hope you’re over the flu! You were missed!

Our book for next month is The Suitcases and will be at Amy’s house.

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Happy reading! Cheers! #HCPBookClub


Jan 2017- Blood Money by Stephen Russell

article-2726185-1a12ca5d000005dc-486_634x800A huge thanks to Steph for hosting our book club.  I always love nesting at your home!  A huge shout-out to author Stephen Russell for facetiming with us for our meeting!  You rock!!!

For Dr. Stephen Russell thriller author bio click <<HERE>>

We gathered our nibbles and wine and settled into Steph’s LOVELY home!  A sweet little Victorian with so much charm!  We had the pleasure of a man this meeting! Alan Gravitt who is also an author joined us!  We had many questions for Stephen Russell who joined us via my iPhone.  NEXT time I”ll bring my laptop or iPad for larger view! It worked out just fine this time.  We also had a ‘drop-in’ by Georgie Prichard whose wife Linda was ill.  She still wanted him to bring food. Gotta love the South! :::beaming::::::   A lively meeting was had by all.

We were able to query Dr. Russell on questions regarding the book and on personal life as an author.  Being that Dr. Russell has 4 children at home (small ones) and a wife who is also a pediatrician – he has many things to juggle! When in the world do you find time to write?   This question was answered as he gets up at 4:30 (on purpose) to write at his kitchen table before everyone awakens for the day.   We all enjoyed the Mackie McKay series, with some reading his 2nd book first (Command and Control) and then reading the first book Blood Money.  He has the 3rd book in this series set to be released to the public in a few months.  Great job! Can’t wait to see what Mackie gets into!

Thank you again Dr. Russell for taking time out of your BUSY schedule to talk Blood Money.  We all greatly enjoyed your enthusiasm and the book.



Dec 2016 -In the Dark Streets Shineth by David McCulough

b604cf31-6490-4ade-bd02-9f5b00150114Another year is coming to a close –what a better way to do this than book club, in Historic College Park, at the Pritchards lovely home… with friends ::::beaming::::::

Our December book is by David McCullough which is a 1941 Christmas Eve Story of sorts.  It explains how we came to have our all time favorite Christmas songs!  And all this time I thought the song “I’ll be home for Christmas” was about working away from home – like a business meeting out of town or something of that nature.   It was about the war!  I’m not the only one in the group who didn’t know this I would like to add.  Ahem.

For author bio click <<HERE>>

Our end of year meeting is always the best.  Gathered at the Prichards lovely home – they decorate like no other – it’s Christmas on an entirely different level! Love it!   We also have the ‘white elephant’ gift swap/steal/gigglefest.    Sometimes it’s a great gift — sometimes not so much which is part of the fun!

Thanks to everyone who enjoys reading our blog about a book club in Atlanta, Ga – to all our members – 2017 is about to happen!

Have a Happy Holiday everyone!  Cheers!



Sept 2016 – The Color of Light by Karen White

img_7187Rainy night in Georgia.    Yes that song ALWAYS comes to mind when it rains in Atlanta – especially on a book club nights.

We had a wonderful group of gals come out in what seemed like torrential rains.  We were soaked as we carefully made our way through puddles huddling under umbrellas.  I for one have been DYING to see Stephanie’s lovely yellow Victorian style cottage.  She has a very spacious front porch where we were originally going to sit – however we would have been sponge-like if we had.  Thus we moved inside to the front parlor.   Did I mention I ADORE your home Stephanie??  :::shaking head gleefully::::

Once inside we were greeted by her sweet kitty cat who looked as if she were ready for Halloween — a slight skin rash had previously prompted a sheering of Ms. Kitty.

We had a few I haven’t seen for quite some time (Colleen aka super girl (flight attendant) and our gloriously curly headed Carol (hugs!) and Claire-Bear.  Love seeing you all!   For those who could not attend — you were deeply missed.  Completely.   Prayers and hugs go out to our sweet Emily and the Robinson family.  Continue love and support for our Julie A.  What a great group of women we have in our midst.

On to the book!   Author bio on Karen White (who lives in Atlanta by the way can be seen >>HERE<<.    Everyone who read the book pretty much liked it.   Eileen felt that the author let some of the characters off too easily —  and maybe too much hot steamy sex (although some of us enjoyed that – ahem).   We dove into book club discussion questions which can be found at the end of this post right before the photos.   Thanks everyone for all the wonderful pics!  Anda you rock!

We discussed also that bonding with your child is so very important.  Sometimes if you haven’t had that love from a mother/father it may be hard for you to bond with your own children.  Hopefully you eventually do.

Thanks to Stephanie for having our meeting in your home! Next month is at Claire’s.  Nov and Dec are at the Pritchards.   I need January host!  Thanks again for everyone coming out on this rainy night in Georgia.  I loved seeing everyone.   Keeping our book club going strong!

After I left on my way back to Birmingham, I put my book into one of our many Little Free Libraries in Historic College Park.  Magical indeed.


  • In what ways are the constellations important to Jillian? Why do they hold such a fascination for her?
  • What role does forgiveness play in the novel? For whom is it important and in what different ways is it asked for and given?
  • Discuss the different ways motherhood is represented in the novel. Are they positive or negative? Why?
  • Why does Linc disguise his identity from the community? Is this effective
  • How is Jillian’s failed marriage related to her difficult childhood
  • How is Jillian’s relationship with Linc different from her relationship with Rick? How is it similar?
  • On page 303, Linc thinks to himself that he and Jillian “had always seen the core of things that existed under all the surface flaws.” Why does he think this, and how do he and Jillian demonstrate this in their lives?
  • How do the townspeople feel about Linc returning to Pawley’s Island?
  • Why is Janie’s plastic flower garden important to her?
  • How does the epigraph by Alfred Lord Tennyson relate to the story to come?
  • Why is Jillian afraid of the dark? How does she finally overcome that fear?
  • When does Jillian realize that it was she who drove Rick away? What brings her to this realization and how does it change her?

Aug. 2016 – Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

girlonthe train We gathered in Julie’s (aka Jules) sweet cottage for our August meeting of the Historic College Park Book Club.  We had a fairly large group which was exciting to see all these lovely friends!  We had the special pleasure of seeing Sherry G. who headed back to Chattanooga post meeting.

Our August book was Girl on the train —  let me tell you a funny story — there are TWO books by the same name Girl on the Train – which has caused some mass confusion not just for me!   You can read the story by NPR >>HERE<<.  When I realized my mistake of reading the ‘other’ book and not the one on the list (Alison Waines is the other author).  I smiled and thought oh well! I enjoyed the book! On to the other one!  Which I also enjoyed! You may want to read the other one as well — both English authors – both murder mysteries.  Both very different.   They’re making Paula’s into a movie – and as the ‘Beanster’ (aka Judy B) enlightened us – it won’t be set in London but in NYC of all places.  Puzzled on that one! Can’t wait to see the movie regardless.


We gathered plates filled with delightful nibbles, a glass of vino then on to author bio and book club discussions.

Author bio <<HERE>>

book club discussions <<HERE>>

We all pretty much enjoyed the book except for a few who felt that the alcoholic Rachel was just too much at times.  The Hitchcock feel of the book endeared many to Rachel as well.   A few brought up the fact that evil husband Scott was to blame for her slump into alcoholic amnesia.   We rallied around Rachel especially since Anna was such an evil cheat in her own right.

Stephanie Jones is holding Sept. meeting which the Evites  have gone out.  Our book is The Color of Light by Karen White.  See you all soon!  #bookclubrocks

Claire is doing Oct and Linda Pritchard is doing Nov and Dec!!


June 2016 – The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

FullSizeRender (5)June meeting was held in the lovely home of Eileen Murphy.  Thanks for hosting!


Four of us for book club:
Linda Gravitt
Linda Pritchard
Judy Bean
All read the book. Although Linda P. read it some time ago. Author’s first book. We predict she will write a follow up to the story.  Wonder which characters she will follow?
Author Bio – Kathleen Grissom 
Judy felt she had read this story before – Jefferson and his Sally Hemings.
I admitted this genre is not one I would have picked but I read it because I was hosting the event. However, I did learn something regarding indentured servants that I didn’t know before. We all agreed that being in a book club exposes you to different types of books and that’s why we belong.
Linda G. struggled to get into the book because of the subject matter.
We all agreed that the secrets kept by various main characters were used to move the plot along.
As usual we had trouble staying on task and ended up talking more about what’s going on in our lives than the book!
* An unfortunate event occurred in our neighborhood re: the Annual Historic College Park Arts Festival —  this was a great loss to our community that is was not approved (are we even sure what in the world happened?) and was discussed as well.