Jan 2022 – American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

Can you believe we are at the end of another month already?? Wow! Happy 2022 everyone!

Our January book was quite intense. American Dirty by Jeanine Cummins was very controversial being that it was written by a non-immigrant. A portion of the public felt that the author had no right to author such a personal immigrant journey without actually being an immigrant. Complete BS in my book. It was an amazing book portraying the struggles of immigrants who flee the cartel. Most immigrants who cross over borders through the desert are FLEEING for their lives — they can’t go through normal channels to escape cartel – because the cartel is EVERYWHERE in Mexico! From the gov’t to police, to business, to border patrol – everywhere.

I learned SO MUCH about the process and the horrific revenge of the cartel. It’s horrifying. It’s a very complicated matter. We all enjoyed the book – although as gruesome as some of the details are. How lucky are we to live in the USA!

Author bio click HERE

Book Club discussion questions click HERE

For a video of THE BEAST – freight train

You can also find very graphic videos on youtube re: cartel killings — it’s violent and enraging! This is a recent US family killed in mexico by the cartel HERE

Book Club was held at my Airbnb (Tally Ho Let’s Go – ATL) located in Center Park a historic section of East Point, GA. Great group discussion! Great nibbles as well!

See you next month!! Our Feb book is The Paris Bookseller – it’s about the famous bookstore called Shakespeare and Co in Paris! It’s delightful thus far!

Book club is part literary, part social part therapy. The comradery of the ladies is the BEST EVER!

To book club!!! :::turning cartwheels:::::::

P.S. I told the group that we have thousands of followers from all over the world who find our book club website. The interesting fact is that the #1 book club meeting and book they are looking for is Tara Westovers book Educated. Interesting indeed!







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