June 2020 – The Corpse Washer by Sinan Antoon

undefinedOur last in person book club was March – about 4 months ago! The Covid virus seems surreal in that I feel as if I’m on a movie set awaiting someone to call CUT! That’s a wrap!

On a rainy night in Georgia, last evening to be exact – we meandered to Alex’s lovely home in Historic College Park. Just a trio of book loving gals antsy to talk, laugh, have libations and be merry.

Our book for June is The Corpse Washer by Sinan Antoon. I listend to it on audible. Very interesting indeed. For a summary click HERE . I’ve always found it fascinating how different cultures prepare their loved ones in death. I very much recommend this book.

We three muskateers sat and giggled, had serious insights as to what we have going on in our lives at the moment. I’m just post ‘nip tuck’ surgery about a week and a half ago — thus I’m wearing a head scarf and glasses lest I scare you to death. Plus it’s quite fun being all mysterious. Think Kim Novak in a Hitchcock film. :::::squeeeee:::::::

I’ll be double nickles on the 4th of July – and at this point in my life my time is very important to me. I only attend things that I enjoy and adds something to my life. Book club DEFINATELY does that for me.

That’s a wrap!

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