March 2019 – Red Mountain by Boo Walker

cp2Everyone came to my house for March meeting.   The girls (aka my wee scottish terriers were sequestered until everyone was inside and I could let Pip, Cricket & Bumble out to lick everyone! )

Boo Walker our author for this month is just a dream!  Not to be confused with Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird.  No resemblance I assure you.

For author bio click HERE 

Book club questions click HERE 

I think we all hands down felt that Carmen was our least liked character with Otis, Joan and Margot being very much liked.   I think for me Joan and Margot tied for who I liked the best.

We tossed around ideas of what actors would play who in the upcoming movie.  I think we all across the board enjoyed the book.  I know I did.

See you next month!  Great seeing everyone for our March meeting!


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