Jan 2016 – Educated by Tara Westover

photo jan 23, 8 30 40 pmA very rainy wet kind of hurricane (I’m completely exaggerating) evening in Atlanta.   Book Club was in the home of Eileen (and Tom).  Thanks for hosting!!! I hope you don’t have to mop up after we came in from the crazy wet weather!!!  It’s pouring!!! Even now as I sit in my home at almost 10pm!  We just can’t handle severe weather in the South.  It’s dramatic.

I saw some of my favorite people tonight.  Missed others who could not attend.  Di came down from the city via Marta – we had pre-book club cocktails at Urban Foodie Feed Store – delightful!  They have a cocktail in honor of dear sweet Tosca who previously owned the building when it was actually a feed store.  Tosca Oxford passed away recently – an icon in College Park. It was lovely to see she’s being honored there.

We gathered to discuss Educated by Tara Westover.   What a ride in the life of Tara!  We delved through the book club questions which you can find HERE.

We completely enjoyed the book  — talk ran the gamete of her parents being radicals to Mormons to how much ‘wasn’t’ in the book.   How much did she leave out?  Mind boggling to a degree.

Her accomplishments from being non-registered as a human being to graduating with her PHD.   A pointed thought from the book club questions — how would her life have differed if she had been the first born versus being the baby of the family.    Thought provoking to say the least.   Would she have been married with children and the life she lives now gone?

So many articles and videos out … here are a few.

Tara Westover singing 

Tara Westover growing up 

Tara’s Mom LaRee Westover  

Did it happen or not? 

Butterfly Essential Oils Website 

You can find some of the family members on FB —

here’s Tyler and his family

af7a58dc-063d-415c-b2e5-8e92f95a7913 2

Fascinating — someone else’s slice of life.  Albeit so different than most of ours.

Great discussion and meeting everyone!

It is still raining…. as I sit here an hour later than when I began this article for book club….  thankfully it’s not snowing…. or ALL would be lost.   :::giggling::::::: As told from the SNL skit… of when it snows in ATL which you can see as told by Buford Callaway…. click HERE for the spoof.   

See you next month!

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