Aug – I am Malala

AF7A58DC-063D-415C-B2E5-8E92F95A7913Wonderful meeting ladies! We gathered at the quaint cottage of Julie A. for our August book I am Malala by Christina Lamb and Malala Yousafzai.

Imagine if you will – living in a land where you had to risk your life as a girl to go to school.  Your burning desire to learn and be free was far greater than risk of death – until that alone becomes a realistic factor – death.  Being shot for fighting to attending school, this book I am Malala is riveting.   She’s the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize.  

For author bios

Malala Yousafzai 

Christina Lamb 

Many lines of conversation took flight speaking about differences of our world here in the United States to that of many Middle Eastern worlds.   How incredibly lucky we are to live in such a free and wonderful (for the most part) world.

Thanks for hosting Julie as always! I have my favorites in your home and enjoy discovering something new every time I’m there.

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