August 2007 – Loving Frank: A Novel by Nancy Horan

Kimy, Our Hostess

cobb co yard saleLoving Frank

Hosted by Kimberly Kennedy Davis

This was the very first meeting of the book club. I was part of other book clubs that were intown, etc… and found that I yearned to be more connected to my neighbors, thus…. HCPBC was formed!!! And can I tell you, as I sit here writing this (Feb of 2009), I am so glad we formed this group of lovely ladies. So…onto our first reading selection.

Met at the Academy Grill on Virginia Ave, College Park

This was an excellent journey into the life of one of my favorite figures in architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Although fiction, it is taken from his lover/mate’s diary and people who surrounded the couple.

It was a love story, but also a glimpse into the egotistical mind and behavior of a great man.

I found this interesting clip of Wright on

Falling Waters is one of his most famous works.

Imperial Hotel, Japan

Oak Park, Ill.

The Robie House

And, an article about Frank and Mahmah in the New York Times:

NY Times Book Review 

4 thoughts on “August 2007 – Loving Frank: A Novel by Nancy Horan”

  1. Ok…. I LOVE Frank Lloyd Wright and was truly enlightened by the man and how an ego can drive such a great artistic force. A great slice of life for men and women during this era. The romantic aspect and the choice to leave one’s children was soulful. Enjoyed this very much.

  2. […] The Beanster aka Judy Bean was the first to arrive at my house.  I was fearful we were the only ones attending then everyone began spilling in!!! We had a very good group for the evening!  There was one other instance when Judy and I were the ‘only’ ones in attendance – remember that Judy ? it was years ago……  we were having book club at one of the local eateries – luckily we had the best wee book club meeting with just the two of us!  Ha! So many cherished memories with our book club which began in 2007 with just a handful of neighbors.  Our first book was Loving Frank.    […]

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